MIL-STD-2073-1 Shelflife

Miscellaneous Codes
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  • Type I SL Action Codes are: UU, SA, SB or S9
    • Type II SL Action Codes are: C0, C_, CT, L_, RD, RN, RJ, T_, X_
    Type I:
    A-1 Month
    B-2 Months
    C-3 Months
    D-4 Months
    E-5 Months
    F-6 Months
    G-9 Months
    H-12 Months
    I-72 Months
    J-15 Months
    K-18 Months
    L-21 Months
    M-24 Months
    N-27 Months
    P-30 Months
    Q-36 Months
    R-48 Months
    S-60 Months
    T-84 Months
    U-96 Months
    V-108 Months
    W-120 Months
    Y-180 Months
    Z-240 Months
    Type II:
    1-3 Months
    2-6 Months
    3-9 Months
    4-12 Months
    5-18 Months
    6-24 Months
    7-36 Months
    8-48 Months
    9-60 Months
    X-Greater Than 60 Months - Medical items, Parachutes and Chemical Protective Clothing with a shelf-life greater than 60 months

    -No Shelf-Life Code Specified.