Method Codes

Method Code: 53
Code Description: Floating watervaporproof bag, MIL-B-131, sealed with desiccant.
Long Code Description: Floating watervaporproof bag with desiccant, heat sealed. The item, preserved, wrapped, cushioned, and desiccated with humidity indicator as required in and anchored or shock mounted as necessary, shall be enclosed in a sealed bag conforming to MIL-DTL-6060. When specified in the contract or order, a window of material conforming to MIL-PRF-22191, Type I shall be provided in the bag in accordance with MILDTL- 6060 procedures for packs 15 cubic feet or larger. When specified, externally mounted plug type humidity indicators conforming to SAE-AS26860 shall be used. When an exterior container is to be placed over the floating bag, a removable inspection port shall be provided in the exterior container body, so situated as to coincide with the location of the inspection window of the bag or the mounted humidity plug.