Method Codes

Method Code: 41
Code Description: Watervaporproof bag, sealed.
Long Code Description: Watervaporproof bag, heat sealed. The item, preserved, wrapped and cushioned as required in, shall be enclosed in a close fitting heat-sealed bag conforming to one of the following:
a. MIL-DTL-117, Type I, Class E, Style 1, 2 or 3 (see notes 2/, 4/).
b. MIL-DTL-117, Type I, Class F, Style 1, use intended for ESD sensitive items only (see note 1/).
c. MIL-DTL-117, Type II, Class E, Style 1 (see notes 2/, 3/).
d. MIL-DTL-117, Type IV, Class E, Style 1 (see notes 2/, 4/).

1/ For electrostatic protection refer to
2/ When specified in the contract or order, a carton or box shall be required to complete the unit container and the primary cushioning shall be placed between the outside of the bag and the inside of the carton or box.
3/ When MIL-DTL-117, Type II, Class E, Style 1 bags are selected, they shall be limited to the restrictions detailed in MIL-PRF-131 for Class 2 material.
4/ When it has been determined to protect items with VCI, they shall be preserved in accordance with