Method Codes

Method Code: 20
Code Description: Preservative coating.
Long Code Description: Preservative coating. Items shall be treated with appropriate preservatives in accordance with the procedures of or Contact preservative coated items shall be wrapped in material conforming to MIL-PRF-121 or QQ-A-1876. Flexible wraps shall snugly enclose the coated part or item and be secured to prevent unintentional unwrapping. Parts or items coated with hard film preservatives conforming to MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 1 or 4, may, when dried, be exempted from wrapping. Projections, sharp edges, or other features of the item, that may damage the wrap, shall be cushioned as required in accordance with 5.2.3. The type of cushioning and wrapping material used shall be commensurate with the size, weight and configuration of the preserved part or item. Method 20 unit packs shall pass the applicable inspection requirements of table G-I. When it has been determined to protect items with VCI, they shall be preserved in accordance with